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Climate change requires commitment and knowledge at all levels of society. Many organizations have produced materials that can help accelerate the transition in different ways and with different themes. Here you can browse reports and publications, other knowledge banks, courses, videos, good examples and much more that contribute to the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities with a good life for all within the limits of the planet. 

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Mariestad: Dacapo

Dacapo Mariestad is a municipal education platform that offers vocational education and training courses under its own auspices and university and college courses in collaboration with other actors. They work actively to contribute to the goals of Agenda 2030 through, among other things, education in building care and nature-based ...

SEI has developed a digital tool, the Consumption Compass, which can be used by Sweden's municipalities to illustrate, analyze and reduce emissions from their consumption down to postcode level. The tool has been developed in close collaboration with Kalmar and Umeå municipalities and the company InsightOne.

CoAction Lund

CoAction Lund is a project that brings together stakeholders in northeast Lund to undergo a large-scale change process to make Lund climate neutral by 2030. It focuses on energy and transport, as passenger transport accounts for the majority of emissions in Lund and...

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Viable Cities is a strategic innovation program with the mission Climate neutral cities 2030 with a good life for all within the planetary boundaries. The program is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and Formas and is coordinated by KTH.

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