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Climate change requires commitment and knowledge at all levels of society. Many organizations have produced materials that can help accelerate the transition in different ways and with different themes. Here you can browse reports and publications, other knowledge banks, courses, videos, good examples and much more that contribute to the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities with a good life for all within the limits of the planet.

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Vinnova - Handbook on mission-oriented innovation

In this handbook, Vinnova describes its work with several stakeholders to jointly create mission-oriented innovation in the areas of food and mobility. This is a story about how the tool of mission-oriented innovation can be used and a guide to...

Sharing Cities Sweden

Sharing Cities Sweden is a national program for the sharing economy in cities. The program aims to put Sweden on the map as a country that actively and critically works with the sharing economy in cities. In sharing economy test beds in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and...

Global Resources Outlook 2024 - Bend the trend

This 2024 edition of the Global Resources Outlook highlights how resources are critical to the effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda and multilateral environmental agreements to tackle the planetary triple crisis. The report brings together the best available data, modelling and assessments to analyze trends, impacts...

High sustainability in Brunnshög

In Lund, the Brunnshög district is being developed with the aim of being at the forefront of development in everything from large technical systems, such as tramways and district heating, to smaller initiatives, such as rain barrels and car pool membership. A neighborhood that is sustainable - for real.

Climate Municipalities: Green Bonds

Several cities have been working with green bonds for a long time, and the Climate Municipalities have compiled a list. Klimatinvest is the largest Swedish issuer of green bonds, where green bonds give fixed income investors the opportunity to support lending to investment projects with the goal of mitigating climate change or...

The real estate network

Örebro supports and finances initiatives within the Real Estate Network that are aimed at people in the region who work with energy and environmental issues in the real estate industry. It offers study visits, experience meetings and training courses for our members and works actively to achieve our climate goals.

The National Computer Workshop

Viable Cities collaborates with The national data workshop for regional and municipal data sharing is the largest initiative so far in Sweden to support and drive the work of making available and using open and shared data from the regional and municipal sector.

RISE: Climate workshop

The climate workshop is a curated process for creating new ways of talking to each other - companies and municipalities - about the journey towards a climate-neutral Umeå. The methodology has been developed together with RISE and now more companies are invited and the method is exported ...

Bumblebees visiting the church park. More plants lead to increased biodiversity. Photo: Ekologigruppen via SMHI

Järfälla has a long tradition of planning for good park and nature structures. Green areas strengthen the municipality's ecosystem services, contribute to reducing flood risk, and preserve water quality, biodiversity and social added value. The value of ecosystem services was addressed in the master plan work in Järfälla municipality as early as 2014.

Supply of skills

Gothenburg is actively working on skills supply linked to climate change, including in the battery and automotive industries. Together with regional actors, they have also created the MoveToGothenburg platform to attract labor.

Sting's Climate Action initiative

Sting Bioeconomy will help develop innovations in the area of forest-based bioeconomy and increase the number of fast-growing companies in the area. The initiative is a collaboration between Paper Province, Region Värmland, Karlstad Municipality and Sting.

Bengtsfors municipality: RiK Symbios

In the project Resource-efficient and inclusive municipalities through symbiosis (RiK Symbios Bengtsfors), Bengtsfors municipality and Mötesplats Steneby are making a major investment in sustainable circular transition together with the local business community, Chalmers Industriteknik and Fyrbodal's municipal association. 

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