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Climate-neutral Eskilstuna in 2030

With broad inclusion, a climate program is designed for and with actors from public organisations, business, the non-profit sector and academia to include everyone who lives and works in the municipality. During the work, five areas have been identified that Eskilstuna's stakeholders need to focus on. No actor has control over all areas, but only with joint efforts is there potential to achieve climate change at the required pace.

By using an inclusive and innovative process to build an attractive platform for a long-term sustainable collaboration where stakeholders are continuously enthused and provide each other with concrete support and tools for their climate transition, we will together reach the goal of a climate-positive Eskilstuna in 2045 and climate neutrality in 2030. A digital sign-up for climate transition not only makes it possible for everyone to indicate how they contribute to the climate goals based on their conditions, but also provides a basis for communicative measures and support for transition.

Project manager: Charlotte H Kindmark

Total budget: SEK 9 908 590

Grant requested: SEK 4 932 500

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Eskilstuna municipality, Mälardalen University, ReTuna Återbruksgalleria, ATEA i Eskilstuna, Mälarstaden Asset Management AB, Studiefrämjandet, AGRO Sörmland, Destination Eskilstuna AB, DEAB, Regio Fastighets AB, PEAB, Länsbildningsförbundet, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center, MITC, Berglunds Åkeri


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