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Climate Breakfast 36: Internationalization for Climate Neutral Cities 2030

On March 6, 2024, we opened a call that gives several Swedish cities - municipalities and their partners - the opportunity to increase the pace of transition and lead the way for others in Climate Neutral Cities 2030 3.0. The call is open until June 5, and decisions on funding will be made at the end of the year. This Climate Breakfast aims to inform about the international aspect of Climate Neutral Cities 2030. During the Climate Breakfast, we will hear inspiring examples from Lund and Skellefteå's internationalization work for Climate Neutral Cities 2030. How do they collaborate strategically for internationalization for climate-neutral cities? What is being done within the municipality and how can they cooperate locally and regionally with business, civil society and academia?

Participants include:

  • Tommy Bengtsson, external relations strategist, Lund municipality
  • Gustaf Ulander, development manager, Skellefteå municipality
  • Marie Ivarsson, strategist at Viable Cities
  • Lars Johansson, Climate Neutral Cities 2030 Coordinator at Viable Cities

Marie Ivarsson and Lars Johansson from Viable Cities' program management also talk about the international perspective in the call Climate Neutral Cities 2030 3.0, and the work on an international strategy for Viable Cities. As usual, it ends with a valuable opportunity to reflect on the topic with other participants, make new acquaintances and make contacts during discussions in small groups.

After this breakfast, we also invited all participants to stay after the closing time of 08:58, to continue discussions, exchange experiences and ask questions, and the meeting remained open until around 09:30.