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Climate neutral Lund 2030

Climate neutral Lund wave 2

Climate Neutral Lund 2030 2.0 will build on the approaches, networks, methods and results that emerged in step 1. The project will also 

  • Establish a transition function with representatives from the municipality's administrations and companies, the university, innovation networks and external actors, with a focus on accelerating the transition to a climate-neutral Lund. 

  • Develop a climate investment plan for investments both within and outside the local government sector.  

  • Through concrete cases, test and implement solutions for sustainable mobility, circular economy and energy in the city and villages, and evaluate them in terms of impact and as a learning process and look for opportunities to scale up.

  • Increase the pace of transition through a combination of new forms of collaboration and the use of existing networks, as well as digitalization as an enabler.

  • Act as an umbrella that brings together all the efforts made in Lund to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

  • Annually review Climate City Contract

Project manager: Thea Ohlander Arfwidsson

Total budget: SEK 9 995 215

Grant applied for: SEK 4 996 964

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Lund Municipality, Kraftringen, Lund University, Rise, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Trivector, IVL, Circle Centre.

Climate neutral Lund wave 1

In Smart and Climate Neutral Lund 2030, an innovation team will be formed consisting of design companies, research institutions and a cross-sectoral team centrally located in the municipality. This team, together with an innovation mapper, will deliver a roadmap for how Lund can become climate neutral by 2030:

  • A developed approach for the innovation team based on service design and open innovation.

  • A mapping of problem areas where research and new innovations are needed to advance the energy and climate transition.

  • A concept (including business plan, technology and policy instruments) for a sustainable and robust energy system that enables future solutions such as electric cars, electric roads and heating.

  • Everything is summarized in an action plan that includes the above and at least five designed concepts delivered by the innovation team through the service design process. Five concepts with great potential to contribute to climate neutrality by 2030, based on citizens' needs and with digitalization as an enabler.

Project manager: Thea Ohlander Arfwidsson

Partners: Lund municipality, Idean, ustwo, Lund University (Urban arena), K2 national knowledge center for public transport, IVL and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Total budget: SEK 9 860 896

Grant applied for: SEK 4 799 980

Start date: 2019-09-01

End date: 2021-08-31

Keywords: innovation, service design, climate, energy, Lund, digitalization, youth climathon.


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Since 2023, Lund is part of the Urban Transitions Mission (UTM) cohort of cities working together to test and scale up innovative solutions for a holistic, human-centered climate transition.

Since 2023, Lund is also part of the second cohort of pilot cities from twenty-one EU countries and Horizon 2020 associated countries, selected to launch unprecedented climate action, through the NetZeroCities Pilot Cities program.

Lund is since 2023 part of the NetZeroCities Twinning program, where Lund is paired with Leuven, Belgium.

Lund is part of the NetZeroCities 112 Mission Cities, selected since 2022 to pioneer the EU Cities Mission. 

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The 2023 version of Climate City Contract 2030 was signed by the political leadership of the 23 cities and directors general from six government agencies and Viable Cities management on December 8. Photographer: Fredrik Persson
8 December 2023

With seven years left to achieve the mission of climate-neutral cities by 2030, radical implementation is required. 23 Swedish pioneering cities are currently engaged in a wide range of activities that contribute to the transition in different ways. On European Viable Cities Day, on 8...

Visuals for the Twinning program. The image belongs to NetCeroCities.
25 October 2023

In September, 40 so-called twin cities were selected for the NetZeroCities twin cities program - a new program within the framework of the EU's mission on climate neutral cities. Lund and Luleå are the two Swedish cities that have been selected and matched with pilot cities.

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