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Climate neutral Uppsala 2030

Climate neutral Uppsala wave 2

Uppsala is committed to taking the lead in the climate transition and achieving the goals in line with Agenda 2030 by developing and implementing new solutions and working methods across the board. In this initiative, Uppsala Municipality will strengthen its ability to realize the goals, commitments and measures contained in the Climate Roadmap in construction and the municipality's master plan through three work packages:

  1. organization & learning,
  2. Resident Dialogue & civil society, and
  3. innovation teams & test beds.

In this way, Uppsala will continue to develop a mission-driven approach that engages and mobilizes actors throughout the municipality, to become a climate-neutral city with a good life for all within the boundaries of the planet.

Project manager: Katarina Gustafsson 

Total budget: SEK 10 067 679

Grant applied for: SEK 4 999 583

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Uppsala municipality, STUNS, Energikontoret Mälardalen, Uppsala Innovation Centre, Church of Sweden, Uppsala University, Förnyelselabbet, WWF, SEI, Beteendelabbet, Internet of Planet.

Climate neutral Uppsala wave 1

In Uppsala, the ambition is to achieve environmental and climate goals while ensuring that all Uppsala residents can live at least as good a life as they do now, even if the conditions may be different. This requires a major transition of the entire society. Public organizations such as the municipality and the region, companies and residents need to be involved and contribute.

The coming years are crucial for the shape of our future and we need to pick up the pace. If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is that we can quickly change and adapt to new conditions, and we can learn a lot from this in the transition we need to make to mitigate climate change.

Modules with knowledge and suggestions for action

But how can we work together to significantly reduce Uppsala's greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve the goal of a climate-neutral Uppsala by 2030? The Climate Roadmap Uppsala project, which was part of Climate Neutral Uppsala Wave 1, has accumulated knowledge that the project's stakeholders are now happy to share - knowledge with proposals for actual measures divided into two areas: Construction and the food chain.

Read more about Climate Neutral Uppsala Wave 1.

Project leaders: Amanda Midhamre and Martin Wetterstedt

Innovation Manager: Lars Johansson

Partners: Uppsala municipality - municipal management office and city planning administration, STUNS - Foundation for collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, business and society, Uppsala Innovation Center, Energikontoret i Mälardalen AB, Uppsala University, SLU, KTH, Internet of Planet AB, ClimateView AB and Ericsson AB Research

Total budget: SEK 9 936 863

Grant applied for: SEK 4 845 181

Start date: 2019-10-01 

End date: 2021-09-30

Keywords: climate roadmap, digitalization, exponential roadmap, visualization, data modelling, test bed, co-creation, etc.


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Since 2022, Uppsala is part of the first cohort of pilot cities from twenty-one EU and Horizon 2020 associated countries selected to launch unprecedented climate action through the NetZeroCities Pilot Cities program.

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This spring, Viable Cities and Digidem Lab are entering a deeper collaboration on citizen engagement. Pierre Mesure has for 5 years supported municipalities to involve citizens in decision-making, with a focus on the underrepresented in our institutions.