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The circular hub

The circular hub is part of Nacka Water and Waste's new initiative Close the circle! which aims to promote the circular economy in Nacka. It is an initiative where different actors are invited to collaborate on circular economy and development towards a reusable society.

Re:large High Coast

Härnösand is home to Re:store Höga Kusten, an investment in economic, social and ecological sustainability. The gallery is an initiative from the municipality of Härnösand to reduce unemployment for people who currently have difficulty finding a job and contribute to sustainable development.

Sharing Cities Sweden

Sharing Cities Sweden is a national program for the sharing economy in cities. The program aims to put Sweden on the map as a country that actively and critically works with the sharing economy in cities. Sharing economy test beds in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå will develop sharing services and digital solutions/platforms. The test beds are complemented by a national node for coordination, national learning and international exchange.

Investment plans for transitioning to climate-neutral cities

Viable Cities Report 2021:11 The climate transition in the 2020s means that the fossil economy will become increasingly unprofitable and the renewable economy increasingly profitable, passing one economic tipping point after another. Climate investment plans are a new way of developing roadmaps for cities that include a social and economic perspective on actions and investments. Climate benefits and added value are clarified to create a basis for decision-making that enables the right priorities to be set. The climate investment plan is about providing an overall picture of the municipal, regional, national and private measures and investments that will be needed to achieve the set targets. They should also show how new or growing markets are created for companies that can deliver sustainable buildings, energy systems, mobility solutions, recycling systems and supporting digital systems, etc.