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Climate change requires commitment and knowledge at all levels of society. Many organizations have produced materials that can help accelerate the transition in different ways and with different themes. Here you can browse reports and publications, other knowledge banks, courses, videos, good examples and much more that contribute to the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities with a good life for all within the limits of the planet.

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Dacapo Mariestad is a municipal education platform that offers vocational education and training courses under its own auspices and university and college courses in collaboration with other actors. They work actively to contribute to the goals of Agenda 2030 through, among other things, education in building care and nature-based ...

Digital twin

The City of Gothenburg has a digital twin, Virtual Gothenburg. A digital city makes it easier to visualize and simulate various urban development projects. The work is led by the City Planning Office but involves all administrations working with urban planning.

The real estate network

Örebro supports and finances initiatives within the Real Estate Network that are aimed at people in the region who work with energy and environmental issues in the real estate industry. It offers study visits, experience meetings and training courses for our members and works actively to achieve our climate goals.

CoAction Lund

CoAction Lund is a project that brings together stakeholders in northeast Lund to undergo a large-scale change process to make Lund climate neutral by 2030. It focuses on energy and transport, as passenger transport accounts for the majority of emissions in Lund and...

Bumblebees visiting the church park. More plants lead to increased biodiversity. Photo: Ekologigruppen via SMHI

Järfälla has a long tradition of planning for good park and nature structures. Green areas strengthen the municipality's ecosystem services, contribute to reducing flood risk, and preserve water quality, biodiversity and social added value. The value of ecosystem services was addressed in the master plan work in Järfälla municipality as early as 2014.

Mind the gap(s)

An analysis of consumption trends made by Kairos Future on behalf of Science Park Borås, which since 2019 produces an annual report on the theme of sustainable consumption. Science Park Borås works to develop new knowledge in the areas of textiles,...

Global Resources Outlook 2024 - Bend the trend

This 2024 edition of the Global Resources Outlook highlights how resources are critical to the effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda and multilateral environmental agreements to tackle the planetary triple crisis. The report brings together the best available data, modelling and assessments to analyze trends, impacts...

The Ystad model

The Ystad Model is a concrete guide that shows step by step how companies can work to create conditions for business development, by seeing the SDGs as a smorgasbord for new business.

Climate Municipalities: Green Bonds

Several cities have been working with green bonds for a long time, and the Climate Municipalities have compiled a list. Klimatinvest is the largest Swedish issuer of green bonds, where green bonds give fixed income investors the opportunity to support lending to investment projects with the goal of mitigating climate change or...

The transport cluster in Eskilstuna was awarded the municipal environmental prize 2023 for its efforts in climate change. The cluster consists of five haulage companies and Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi & Miljö. The purpose is to work together as a local industry on issues related to local growth and the transition.

Trollhättan: Industrial campus

An industrial campus will be created in Trollhättan as part of the work on skills supply and attracting talent. A letter of intent has been signed between University West, Innovatum Science Park, the municipal company Kraftstaden and Polestar.

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