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Climate change requires commitment and knowledge at all levels of society. Many organizations have produced materials that can help accelerate the transition in different ways and with different themes. Here you can browse reports and publications, other knowledge banks, courses, videos, good examples and much more that contribute to the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities with a good life for all within the limits of the planet.

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Bumblebees visiting the church park. More plants lead to increased biodiversity. Photo: Ekologigruppen via SMHI

Järfälla has a long tradition of planning for good park and nature structures. Green areas strengthen the municipality's ecosystem services, contribute to reducing flood risk, and preserve water quality, biodiversity and social added value. The value of ecosystem services was addressed in the master plan work in Järfälla municipality as early as 2014.

Thriving North (final report)

Viable Cities Report 2023:02 In 2022, Viable Cities has been responsible for a government commission "Support for innovation work in sustainable urban and community development in Norrbotten and Västerbotten". In the assignment, six municipalities (Kiruna, Gällivare, Boden, Luleå, Skellefteå and Umeå) were identified and ...

SEI has developed a digital tool, the Consumption Compass, which can be used by Sweden's municipalities to illustrate, analyze and reduce emissions from their consumption down to postcode level. The tool has been developed in close collaboration with Kalmar and Umeå municipalities and the company InsightOne.

Sting Bioeconomy

Sting Bioeconomy will help develop innovations in the area of forest-based bioeconomy and increase the number of fast-growing companies in the area. The initiative is a collaboration between Paper Province, Region Värmland, Karlstad Municipality and Sting.

RISE: Climate workshop

The climate workshop is a curated process for creating new ways of talking to each other - companies and municipalities - about the journey towards a climate-neutral Umeå. The methodology has been developed together with RISE and now more companies are invited and the method is exported ...

In the spring of 2023, 2047 Science Center conducted a number of hackathons with students in year 2 of upper secondary school within the framework of the work with Climate Neutral Borlänge 2030. The students' assignment was based on one of the transport challenges identified by the innovation team for Climate Neutral Borlänge 2030.

Gothenburg: Climate-smart events

Gothenburg is working to create climate-smart events and is at the forefront of sustainable destinations according to the Global Destination Sustainability Movement. When Coldplay played at Ullevi in June 2023, they took the opportunity to test new technology to map transportation and...

Vinnova - Handbook on mission-oriented innovation

In this handbook, Vinnova describes its work with several stakeholders to jointly create mission-oriented innovation in the areas of food and mobility. This is a story about how the tool of mission-oriented innovation can be used and a guide to...

Nature trail urban area

In central Nacka, a district is being developed based on a nature-based concept where the urban and nature meet in new ways. This creates an urban environment with greater contrasts and variety, where nature and the existing topography can take up more space and influence the...

Is your lifestyle on the side of the environment or against it? As a result of this quick test, you will receive tailor-made tips to help you save time and money and improve your quality of life. And nature thanks you!

Revision of Climate City Contract 2030 (synthesis)

Viable Cities Report 2021:13 Climate City Contract 2030 is revised every year and developed and refined year by year to accelerate the transition to climate-neutral, sustainable cities. The first version was signed in December 2020 by nine cities, four government agencies and the Viable Cities Program...

Kristianstad: More coal in the ground

Kristianstad has a large agricultural sector and food industry. Therefore, the initiative More carbon in the soil - local collaboration on carbon storage in agricultural land has been launched to increase carbon storage in the soil and at the same time strengthen a long-term and competitive food system.


Actors from Eskilstuna, Borås, Gothenburg and Östersund have participated in Greentopia, which aims to make events engines for the climate transition with a focus on both organizers, suppliers and visitors. The focus is on Food & Beverage, Transport and Textile where many businesses...

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