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Climate neutral Växjö 2030

Climate neutral Växjö wave 2

For a long time, Växjö has worked successfully with the transition to reduce climate impact. In Climate Neutral Växjö 2030, this work is deepened and connects the ambitions of the sustainability program Sustainable Växjö 2030 with the strategies in the Climate Contract. Växjö municipality builds on the political consensus and understanding that several actors need to be involved in the work to successfully move towards climate neutrality. Cooperation and exchange of experience takes place with business, organizations, residents and other municipalities - both Swedish and European.

As Växjö's energy system is already almost climate neutral, the main focus of the transition is on the transport sector, circular economy and reuse, sustainable construction and sustainable consumption. Dissemination and exchange of experience will be actively pursued with other municipalities, especially in the southeastern region, for best impact.

Project manager: Henrik Johansson 

Total budget: SEK 9 990 804

Grant applied for: SEK 4 995 402

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Växjö municipality, Växjö kommunföretag AB, Södra Smålands Avfall och Miljö (SSAM), Linnaeus University, Godahus.

Climate neutral Växjö wave 1

Växjö municipality's goal is to become climate neutral by 2030. The road to this goal is a transition that involves many decisions and changes that must involve dialogue with research, residents and other stakeholders. In this project, Växjö municipality wants to collaborate with actors in society to develop an action plan and methods for the transition to a society with low climate impact. The project will work with the overall picture for a climate-neutral Växjö, but will also focus on two areas: construction and transportation.

Within the initiative, digital tools will be created and tested with a focus on improving insight into existing emissions and allowing planning and comparison of different solutions and scenarios needed to achieve climate neutrality in 2030. The primary target group is (a) decision-makers; and (b) citizens. Within the project, we will also further develop the work with a "think tank" that will function as a form of a local climate council that follows, supports and drives the local climate work.

Project manager: Henrik Johansson

Partners: Växjö municipality, Växjö municipal companies (Växjö Energi AB, Vöfab, Växjöbostäder, Vidingehem and Videum) and Linnaeus University.

Total budget: SEK 7 038 374

Grant applied for: SEK 3 519 187

Start date: 2019-09-01 

End date: 2021-08-31

Keywords: life cycle assessments, LCAs, 2030 Agenda, think tank, climate impact of buildings, climate impact of transport, hydrogen production, digital tools, greenhouse gas emission data, data models.



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