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City of Kristianstad

Living in Kristianstad 2030

To describe the future, the Vision Journey methodology combines robust research on behavioral psychology with new findings on sustainable lifestyles and ancient knowledge on how to structure stories to engage audiences. The method consists of a number of processes that are based on cities' climate targets and result in a story about what it is like to live climate-neutrally for one day in that city. The aim is for politicians and officials to understand that it is entirely possible to combine a high quality of life with low emissions even today, and for them to realize that their role is to make it easier for more people to live sustainably in different ways. Kristianstad has developed a vision journey about what it is like to live in a climate-neutral Kristianstad in 2030.

Kristianstad: Skyfall map

Kristianstad is located in a low-lying, waterlogged area that is highly vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather. As part of its climate adaptation work, it has produced the Skyfall Map, which shows the locations in Kristianstad, Åhus and Yngsjö that could be flooded in connection with extreme rainfall to support property owners.