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Climate neutral Örebro 2030

Climate Neutral Örebro 2030 will create a platform for collaboration that leads to structural and cultural system innovations for climate change, in both new and existing neighborhoods. Örebro's strengths around carbon budget with three perspectives, systemic thinking for energy communities, citizen dialogues and digitalization are important pillars for achieving the goals. 

To accelerate work on issues such as consumption emissions, mobility measures and the climate impact of construction, it is important to find forms of cooperation, tools and processes that can capture and realize the necessary innovations and existing initiatives. 

The consortium consists of the municipality, academia, private and non-profit sectors, which together can create these conditions. The municipality's new governance model based on Agenda 2030, together with financial experience, political ambitions to create a Climate City Contract and existing networks within the city, means that the decided project funds can be implemented with successful results.

Project manager: Lisa Falkenström

Total budget: SEK 9 848 589

Of which grant applied for: SEK 4 924 294

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Municipality of Örebro, ÖBO, Örebro University, E.ON, Örebro Föreningsråd.


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The 2023 version of Climate City Contract 2030 was signed by the political leadership of the 23 cities and directors general from six government agencies and Viable Cities management on December 8. Photographer: Fredrik Persson
8 December 2023

With seven years left to achieve the mission of climate-neutral cities by 2030, radical implementation is required. 23 Swedish pioneering cities are currently engaged in a wide range of activities that contribute to the transition in different ways. On European Viable Cities Day, on 8...

Climate neutral Örebro
September 4, 2023

Halved electricity consumption, the opportunity for district heating to contribute with negative emissions and a citizens' assembly - a lot is happening in Örebro! Last week, the Viable Cities program office visited the Climate Neutral Örebro kick-off.

Viable Cities Civic engagement in the city
3 July 2023

We are organizing 2 sessions, and partnering for a day at the Sustainability Arena at Teaterskeppet. We are looking forward to the sessions that have broad representation from political leaders in cities, key actors from national government agencies, the European Commission and our sister program in Spain CitiES2030. Together...

Swedish cities and government agencies inspire climate change in Europe
8 December 2021

23 cities and five government agencies are now working with Climate City Contract 2030 as a tool to achieve the mission - climate neutral and sustainable cities by 2030. During the European Viable Cities Day 2021, the work was manifested with a signing ceremony. European guests and representatives from...

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