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Phase four in Rosendal - to be climate positive

The Rosendal area in Uppsala has been recognized for its innovative methods with a focus on sustainability. The development of the fourth phase is now underway, raising the bar even higher and making the district climate-positive. The land allocation competition begins in April, when companies can submit their proposals for housing with minimal climate impact.

Varied Vallastaden

Just west of Linköping's inner city is the new Vallastaden district. The vision has been to create a varied living environment with people in focus. Over the years, a knowledge base has been built up to support the many visitors.

Gässlösa - a new neighborhood

Borås wants to show that it is possible to build a new city and highlight all the sustainability benefits it can bring. Resource-efficient land use, the opportunity to develop urban qualities and sustainable mobility are just some of the aspects that are focused on in Gässlösa.

High sustainability in Brunnshög

In Lund, the Brunnshög district is being developed with the aim of being at the forefront of development in everything from large technical systems, such as tramways and district heating, to smaller initiatives, such as rain barrels and car pool membership. A neighborhood that is sustainable - for real.

Nature trail urban area

In central Nacka, a district is being developed based on a nature-based concept where the urban and nature meet in new ways. This creates an urban environment with greater contrasts and variation, where nature and the existing topography can take up more space and influence both the physical and social environment.