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Here we highlight local efforts that trigger action that contributes to the mission: climate-neutral cities by 2030 - with a good life for all within the limits of the planet. We pass it on to accelerate the local transition journey in all cities and communities.

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Umeå Climate Roadmap - a local effort by many stakeholders

In Umeå, the business community and the municipality have long worked together to reduce climate emissions and achieve climate goals. It started with a cooperation on food and agriculture issues, and since 2021, 56 companies from all possible sectors are involved in the Umeå Climate Roadmap.

Östersund builds without emissions

Imagine a construction site that is almost silent, with no smell of exhaust fumes. A utopia? Well, no. Right now, a new preschool, Ottfjället, is being built in the municipality of Östersund, and they are doing it without fossil fuel emissions.

- Now it is easy to know exactly where we should implement measures in our property portfolio, says Martin Ekdahl, Operations Manager at Stångåstaden.

For the past two years, small and medium-sized enterprises in Linköping municipality have been able to apply for test bed checks. The aim is to speed up the climate transition by giving companies space to test innovative ideas in reality together with municipal companies. And the positive results...

What is Peak and steal?

Within Viable Cities, a growing number of cities are mobilizing to address the climate crisis. They do so together with a wide range of stakeholders - businesses, researchers, civil servants, experts, citizens and politicians.

The efforts required to keep the global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees will also bring significant added value for everyone. For example, they give us a better quality of life through cleaner air, greener cities and better health.

To create these sustainable and pleasant communities for all, we need to work at many levels, from the neighborhood, through the local community, to the whole country, Europe and the planet. And, we need to work in a common direction, creating a portfolio of efforts and activities that pull in the same direction. Different initiatives need to be interlinked and contribute to our long-term ability to change faster together.

Everything we do is aimed at the mission, Climate Neutral Cities 2030, with a good life for all, within the limits of the planet.

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Viable Cities is a strategic innovation program with the mission Climate neutral cities 2030 with a good life for all within the planetary boundaries. The program is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and Formas and is coordinated by KTH.

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