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Climate neutral Östersund 2030

Östersund will become climate neutral by 2030. To realize this, an action and climate investment plan for the municipality, companies and residents of the city will be developed. Linked to this, an analysis of socio-economic effects, emission efficiency linked to cost and side effects will be carried out, where the residents' acceptance of various measures will be investigated.

A transition function will be created within the municipality to support co-creation and innovation development in the following five focus areas: Climate neutral destination and events, Circular processes, Climate neutral urban development, Sustainable construction, Smart City.

To create engagement and dialogue with citizens and businesses, different forms of communication and climate visualizations will also be tested and evaluated. The goal is to sign a Climate City Contract with Viable City to get support and coordinate climate work in the city and the municipality.

Project manager: Anne Sörensson

Total budget: SEK 9 988 510

Grant requested: SEK 4 990 000

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Östersund Municipality, Jämtkraft AB, Mid Sweden University, Östersundshem, Jamtli Foundation, Region Jämtland Härjedalen, County Administrative Board Jämtland, Swedavia, Länsförsäkringar Jämtland, Region Västernorrland, Diös Fastigheter, Hej Främling! Friday for future Östersund, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation


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