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NetZeroCities Climate Transition Map

climate transition affects us all and change is inevitable. Cities are leaders in the transformation of the way we work and live. By joining the European Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission, you are embarking on an ambitious journey to become the first 100 cities to reach climate-neutrality by 2030. Only a new type of collective effort will be up to the task: a transformative approach accelerating decarbonisation. This transformative approach, which NetZeroCities champions, is embodied and described by the Climate Transition Map.

NetZeroCities Transition Team Playbook

Many cities across Europe and elsewhere are exploring new ways of bringing together diverse actors and stakeholders, and enabling collective action across all sectors of society. In this document, NetZeroCities outline one crucial part of doing this, namely setting up a Transition Team, which brings together the municipality and the ecosystem of multiple actors across society. There is no single blueprint for achieving this; each city will need to work in ways that best accelerate progress in its specific context. However, there are some insights and lessons learnt that can be shared and built upon, and this document makes a series of suggestions.

Lund municipality's Climate Alliance

The Climate Alliance in Lund currently consists of around 25 members from various industries. Many have already identified the climate and energy issue and are actively working to reduce their negative climate impact. The mix of companies and close cooperation with Lund University and the municipality make the network a breeding ground for innovations and new collaborations.

Climate transition in cities: A Swedish Governance Model to Accelerate the Rate of Transition

Viable Cities Rapport 2023:01 This report has been commissioned by Vinnova within the framework of the Viable Cities program. The report, firstly, aims to provide a policy-relevant overview of two new elements for sustainable urban development: new forms of governance for leading, managing and executing urban planning projects, and new forms for supporting innovations in the form of systemsaltering missions rather than a variety of small projects. Secondly, it also aims to help evolve these experiences and lessons learned, with an emphasis on new forms of governance for climate transition in cities and municipalities.

Climate change in cities: A Swedish governance model to accelerate the pace of change

Viable Cities Report 2023:01 This report deals with the climate transition, the role of cities and a new emerging model to lead, manage and implement the transition faster than today, which is summarized as "governance". It has been commissioned by Vinnova. It will provide a policy-relevant overview of two new elements of sustainable urban development: new forms of governance for leading, managing and implementing urban development projects, and new forms of supporting innovations in the form of system-changing missions instead of many small projects. It will also help to further develop these experiences and lessons learned with a focus on new forms of governance for climate change adaptation in cities and municipalities.

Managing collaboration

The handbook contains advice and instructions for those who lead or participate in cross-border change processes. It describes how an IBA process can be designed and adapted to local conditions, provides an introduction to how conflicts and power can be managed constructively in collaborative processes, and concludes with an insight into the scientific fields of knowledge on which IBA is based.