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City of Gothenburg

Supply of skills

Gothenburg is actively working on skills supply linked to climate change, including in the battery and automotive industries. Together with regional actors, they have also created the MoveToGothenburg platform to attract labor.

Digital twin

The City of Gothenburg has a digital twin, Virtual Gothenburg. A digital city makes it easier to visualize and simulate various urban development projects. The work is led by the City Planning Office but involves all administrations working with urban planning.

Skyfall in a digital twin 

Gothenburg's digital twin has been used to test how to storm-proof the city. The goal is to develop an interactive tool to ensure that cloudburst requirements are followed in urban planning processes where different actors will be able to crash test measures to make good and sustainable decisions to prepare the city for cloudbursts.

Micromobility and micrology

Gothenburg Climate Partnership (GCP) is a long-term and active collaboration between the business community in the Gothenburg region and the City of Gothenburg to reduce climate impact. One of the initiatives focuses on transportation and micromobility.

Gothenburg: Climate-smart events

Gothenburg works to create climate-smart events and is at the forefront of sustainable destinations according to the Global Destination Sustainability Movement. When Coldplay played at Ullevi in June 2023, they took the opportunity to test new technology to map transport and car travelers from the south were offered free public transport for the last stretch.

Sustainability becomes standard

Sustainability becomes standard
Sustainability becomes standard works to ensure that smart, innovative and sustainable solutions from successful pilot projects become standard throughout the city. This is done by developing an analysis method to scale up and standardize sustainable innovative solutions for buildings, transport and the outdoor environment, and developing guidelines for collaboration to effectively involve the right actors and solutions in the process of developing the city, both in new and existing areas.