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Climate neutral Linköping 2030

As early as 2012, Linköping City Council decided that the municipality should be carbon neutral by 2025. A long-term climate and energy program is now being developed with the aim of defining proposals for overall umbrella goals for climate work in the coming decades. 

The overall purpose and long-term impact goal of the initiative is to, through increased participation and development, strengthen and accelerate the transformative process towards a carbon-neutral Linköping 2025, as well as the work thereafter, which the whole of Linköping is facing. To achieve the project's overall goal, the two neighborhoods Vallastaden and Ebbepark have been selected to serve as test beds in the project. 

The initiative systematizes the municipal group's work to transfer knowledge and learning from test beds to new projects and internal municipal processes, such as urban development, procurement and digitization. Focus is also placed on involving and engaging citizens as well as a wide range of stakeholders and business.

Project manager: Linda Malmén

Total budget: SEK 10 198 232

Grant applied for: SEK 4 918 739

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Linköpings kommun, Linköpings universitet, RISE, Linköpings Science Park, Sankt Kors, LSIF.


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In November 2023, the municipality of Linköping was the first Swedish city to win the EU's iCapital Awards. The award is given to EU cities that solve societal and sustainability challenges through innovation in an exemplary way.

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Linköping named Europe's most innovative city
28 November 2023

The municipality of Linköping yesterday won the EU's iCapital Awards. This is the first time a Swedish city has won the award. The award is given to EU cities that solve societal and sustainability challenges through innovation in an exemplary way.

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