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Climate neutral Karlstad 2030

Karlstad Municipality has the goal of being fossil-free and climate-smart and is one of the few municipalities that includes both geographical and consumption-based emissions in this ambition. Climate work must permeate the entire municipality and it must be easy for residents and companies to make climate-smart choices. 

The initiative builds on an ambitious environmental work at the forefront and accelerates this work and strengthens Karlstad as a role model in the region, Sweden and internationally. The challenge areas of sustainable mobility and circular consumption are in focus and cover efforts in 1) governance and financing, 2) coordination and co-creation, 3) innovation and service development, 4) behavior and communication. 

The initiative brings together a broad constellation of actors with clear roles of responsibility. Climate-neutral Karlstad 2030 aims, among other things, to achieve the impact goal that greenhouse gas emissions in Karlstad in 2025 will be less than 1.7 tons per person and year and turn the climate challenge into an opportunity for a better life for everyone.

Project manager: Charlotte Wedberg

Total budget: SEK 10 000 000

Grant requested: SEK 5 000 000

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30 

Partners: Municipality of Karlstad, Karlstad innovation park, Region Värmland, Karlstad University, Centrum Karlstad, Naturskyddsföreningen i Värmland, Fastighetsägarna, Agenda 2030 Protokoll, Nätverket Värmlands idéburna.


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Four meter high stacks on Stora torget in Karlstad, illustrating the climate impact of Karlstad residents. Photo: Karlstad municipality.
13 May 2024

Stacks are appearing all over Karlstad - on benches, on stairs and not least on Stora torget, where they are four meters high! The bars represent Karlstad residents' climate emissions in the areas of consumption, transportation, food and energy. The stacks will reappear every...

The 2023 version of Climate City Contract 2030 was signed by the political leadership of the 23 cities and directors general from six government agencies and Viable Cities management on December 8. Photographer: Fredrik Persson
8 December 2023

With seven years left to achieve the mission of climate-neutral cities by 2030, radical implementation is required. 23 Swedish pioneering cities are currently engaged in a wide range of activities that contribute to the transition in different ways. On European Viable Cities Day, on 8...

Viable Cities Civic engagement in the city
3 July 2023

We are organizing 2 sessions, and partnering for a day at the Sustainability Arena at Teaterskeppet. We are looking forward to the sessions that have broad representation from political leaders in cities, key actors from national government agencies, the European Commission and our sister program in Spain CitiES2030. Together...