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Climate neutral Enköping 2030

Climate-neutral Enköping wave 2

The initiative aims for Enköping to be climate neutral by 2030, with a good life for all citizens of the municipality. This requires a joint effort between the municipality, citizens, companies and organizations. The work requires a long-term approach, innovative thinking and participation. Enköping is continuing the work that began in its first phase in 2019-2021, when the municipality established a Climate City Contract that specifies goals and initiatives for the climate transition, which the continuing project is an engine for implementing. 

The initiative has five work packages. The first is a management function. The next three address different aspects of society: the built environment, energy, and intergroup collaboration. They also include issues related to transport and digitalization. The fifth, the Enköping model, is about making the approach available to other smaller municipalities. Each work package is divided into a number of sub-projects with different character and scope, chosen to meet Enköping's specific needs and conditions in the climate transition.

Project manager: Anna Nilsson

Total budget: SEK 9 950 000

Grant requested: SEK 4 750 000

Start date: 2021-10-01

End date: 2024-09-30

Partners: Enköpings kommun, Europan, STUNS, Rise, Energikontoret i Mälardalen, ElectriCity, AFRY, Andersson Company AB, Mediehuset UNT, ENA-energi, Enköpings Hyresbostäder EHB

Climate-neutral Enköping wave 1

Enköping is transforming more and more rapidly from a managing to a developing municipality. To accelerate the process, the municipal council decided in 2016 that the Myran area, 72 ha with its high establishment value, should be given a completely new profile as the entrance to the city. However, today's urban development must aim to be climate neutral and resilient to the expected climate change. 

As a catalyst in this direction, Enköping is therefore participating in the international architectural competition Europan in 2019, where young architects will develop proposals on how Myran and Enköping can develop faster towards climate neutrality. The winning proposal, presented in December 2019, will be included in the project plan (ANT) A plan where an IoT platform makes it possible to collect/share new data from buildings and the environment, thus creating improved decision-making, scalable innovations and new services. Grouped qualitative digital pilots will be conducted to test dialogue effects and citizen engagement patterns.

Project manager: Thomas Adlercreutz, Enköping municipality

Partners: Enköping Municipality, RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden, Europan Sweden, ÅF Infrastructure AB and ICA Maxi.

Total budget: SEK 8 160 600

Grant requested: SEK 4 099 000

Start date: 2019-09-01 

End date: 2021-08-31

Keywords: Enköping, Myran, transformation, citizen dialogue, climate neutrality.



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