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Skyfall in a digital twin 

Gothenburg's digital twin has been used to test how to storm-proof the city. The goal is to develop an interactive tool to ensure that cloudburst requirements are followed in urban planning processes where different actors will be able to crash test measures to make good and sustainable decisions to prepare the city for cloudbursts.

Kristianstad: Skyfall map

Kristianstad is located in a low-lying, waterlogged area that is highly vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather. As part of its climate adaptation work, it has produced the Skyfall Map, which shows the locations in Kristianstad, Åhus and Yngsjö that could be flooded in connection with extreme rainfall to support property owners.

Climate-smart planning

Bumblebees visiting the church park. More plants lead to increased biodiversity. Photo: Ekologigruppen via SMHI
Järfälla has a long tradition of planning for good park and nature structures. Green areas strengthen the municipality's ecosystem services, contribute to reducing flood risk, and preserve water quality, biodiversity and social added value. The value of ecosystem services was addressed in the master plan work in Järfälla municipality as early as 2014.