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Sitra - Lifestyle test

Is your lifestyle on the side of the environment or against it? As a result of this quick test, you will receive tailor-made tips to help you save time and money and improve your quality of life. And nature thanks you!

The four lifestyle choices

A research study has identified the four lifestyle choices that are most effective in reducing a person's carbon footprint: eating a plant-based diet, avoiding air travel, living without a car and having fewer children.

WWF - Together we change

A learning and activation material specifically designed for those who lead, coordinate or promote sustainable development in a municipality, school or company. It consists of four films, a set of questions and tips. The aim is to promote dialogue and facilitate action in the required transition.

Citizen engagement for the transition to climate-neutral cities

Viable Cities Report 2021:9 This report presents a proposed strategy for citizen engagement for the transition to climate-neutral cities. The strategy is intended for municipalities and actors at the national level, but also includes other actors. The proposal has been developed by Anthesis together with Actinate and Sustainable 3.0 on behalf of Viable Cities.