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Climate Breakfast 32: Driving competitiveness through the climate transition

Competitive businesses in climate-neutral cities - how do we accelerate collaboration between municipalities andbusiness? The role of businesses in the climate transition has become increasingly high on the agenda in Sweden and internationally. Viable Cities is therefore investing in the Climate Competitiveness initiative in 2023 to accelerate collaboration between municipalitiesbusiness to both strengthen companies and achieve the mission. A first step, in collaboration with Sweden's Municipalities and Regions and the Climate Municipalities, has been to collect good examples that show the breadth of possible collaboration, such as procurement, open and shared data, land allocations, science parks, energy communities, circular economy, industrial symbiosis and much more. With the collection of examples as a basis, we are now moving forward to explore and address together what systemic changes are needed to achieve the mission of climate-neutral cities in 2030 with a good life for all within the boundaries of the planet.

During this Climate Breakfast, we explore the examples of cooperation between municipalities andbusiness that exist and how synergies can be created, in what ways do private and municipal companies fit into the work, how this can fit into the work towards climate neutrality and the initiatives that exist, what policy challenges and opportunities exist in this and, of course, how municipalities are working on this right now.

To further highlight both good examples and challenges, we have invited to this Climate Breakfast:

  • Eva-Lena Albihn, Vice President and Head of Sustainability at Business Region Göteborg.
  • Martin Andersson, Business Director in Varberg municipality
  • Louise Felldin, Director of Economic Development in the municipality of Linköping.

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