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New report on climate change adaptation

What is the role of cities in the climate transition? Yesterday, Allan Larsson was one of several from Viable Cities at the Creating Green Cities conference where he spoke about Governance innovation to accelerate climate transition in cities. He mentioned our newly published report on the role of cities in the climate transition and a new emerging model to lead, manage and implement the transition faster than today, what is summarized as "governance".

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Written by Allan Larsson on behalf of Vinnova within the framework of Viable Cities, the report has been developed with the help of a team of researchers, experts and practitioners. It has two purposes;

  • It will provide a policy-relevant overview of two new elements of sustainable urban development: new forms of governance for leading, managing and implementing urban development projects, and new forms of supporting innovation in the form of system-changing missions rather than many small projects.
  • It will also help to further develop these experiences and lessons learned with a focus on new forms of governance for climate change adaptation in cities and municipalities.