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Climate Neutral Kalmar 2030 is part of the Viable Cities initiative Climate Neutral Cities 2030. Here you will find the latest news about Kalmar municipality.

Press photo from Riksteatern showing the youth ensemble in Växjö.

Is my microphone on?

The performance Is my microphone on? is inspired by the speech given by climate activist Greta Thunberg on April 23, 2019. The performance is written for an adult audience and is performed by youth ensembles around Sweden. It depicts young people's concerns, fears and frustrations, and connects to how we now need to speed up the transition to climate-neutral cities by 2030.

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Climate breakfast in general

Climate Breakfast 19: A deep dive into Climate City Contract 2030

This breakfast is hosted by our program manager Olga Kordas, who develops the thoughts about Climate City Contract 2030's innermost essence, and by Henrik Johansson from Växjö municipality and Charlotte Brynielsson from Kalmar municipality. Both municipalities are part of the Climate Neutral Cities 2030 initiative and will talk about the value of Climate City Contract, the iterative process, what they have achieved and their plans for the future. Welcome to the Viable Cities Climate Breakfast 2022!
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