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Climate Breakfast 35: One for all, all for one - Just Transition!

Just transition means greening the economy in a way that is as fair and inclusive as possible for all concerned, creating decent work opportunities and leaving no one behind. It means meeting climate targets by ensuring that all of society - all communities, all workers, all social groups - are involved in the climate transition.

During this Climate Breakfast, we will discuss what is meant by "just transition" from a municipal perspective, why it can be difficult to talk about, and why it is so important to succeed in the transition process. We will hear perspectives and lessons learned from some cities that have tackled just transition issues and what examples they have to share.

Participants include:

  • Liisa Perjo, senior expert at Demos Helsinki
  • Annika Dalén, Gender equality strategist at Umeå municipality
  • Sophia Sundlin, Youth representative and coordinator of children's rights issues at Kalmar municipality.

This Climate Breakfast is a taste of what's to come at the Transition Lab Forum Live: Just Energy Transition on June 13.

The speakers talked about:

Participants also gave tips on: