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Climate Breakfast 34: Events as engines for the transition to climate-neutral cities

In Sweden and Europe, many actors are mobilizing for Climate Neutral Cities 2030 and for sustainable places, visits and events. Several of the cities in the Climate Neutral Cities 2030 initiative are actively working with events and organizers, exploring how they can work together towards climate neutrality. During this Climate Breakfast, we will explore how events can drive the transition to climate neutrality through organizers, visitors and other stakeholders, and how they can be part of the development of climate neutral cities and communities.

Participants include:

  • Louise Lindén, Founder and Innovation Manager at LiveGreen Festivals & Academy
  • Sara Berggren, climate project manager at the Swedish Tourist Association.
  • Joanna Gustafsson, process manager for sustainable tourism at Destination Östersund.

This Climate Breakfast is a taste of what's to come during the Transition Lab Forum Live: Hospitality and Events for Attractive and Climate Neutral Places on March 14.

On 6 April 2022, we organized the Climate Breakfast 22 also on the topic of events as an engine of climate change, which is still worth checking out!

The speakers talked about:

  • Östersund's participation in the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDSI) and the Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDSM) network.
  • The Swedish Tourist Association's Climate Summit, which for the first time brought together the biggest players in outdoor recreation for a summit at the place where climate change is perhaps most visible in all of Sweden - Kebnekaise.
  • LiveGreens Masterclass that delves into the history, concepts and arguments of sustainability, focusing on visions, values and goals.