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The European DUT partnership, which Viable Cities is part of, is now looking for participants from Swedish cities for three thematic city panels: one will be on energy positive districts (PED), another on circular economy and the third on 15-minute cities. The deadline for cities to register their interest is April 25 via the link Expression of Interest.

 Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) is a partnership of state actors from across Europe in research, development and innovation. The partnership is based on the premise that Europe's cities are the basis for achieving the EU's mission of 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030. DUT complements the work of the EU's NetZeroCities mission platform by bringing together Member States' research and innovation actors in support of the mission.

The DUT partnership works on the basis of three Transition Pathways:

  1. Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods (PED)

  2. Circular Urban Economies (CUE)

  3. The 15-Minute City (15minC)

The DUT is now looking for city representatives to participate in city panels. There will be 20-30 cities in each panel. The selected representatives are expected to participate in approximately two digital workshops per year, one study tour per year (physical/digital) and ongoing exchanges of experience between activities. The total working time in the focus group is estimated at 50-100 hours per year (including study visits and travel time). After the application, a selection process follows as DUT wants the participants to represent different countries, sizes of cities, competencies, positions, etc.

So what do representatives from Swedish cities have to gain from participating in the DUT's city panels?

  • It is an opportunity for peer learning, as the city becomes part of a city network to develop concepts and implementation of innovation projects on urban climate neutrality and the development of sustainable, inclusive and vibrant urban environments.

  • It is an opportunity for co-creation and agenda development. By participating, the city contributes to the prioritization of transnational research and innovation programmes within the DUT, based on the cities' needs.

  • It is also an opportunity to position the city as a model of social transformation.

  • Participation also provides access to a wider DUT context (AGORA) - which can be used both to expand existing networks and to build new ones.

The DUT partnership involves from Sweden: Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency, with the support of Viable Cities as a strategic innovation program focusing on the transition of cities.

EU mission platform Net Zero Cities, which Viable Cities also works with, has also initiated city panels, the Swedish cities that will be included in them will be announced in the near future.

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More reading on Expression of Interest DUT City panels

Expression of Interest Please express your interest in joining one or more DUT City Panels by filling this short survey (until 25 April 2022): Please note: In order to ensure geographical balance and consider city size and specific ambitions of the interested cities, the DUT Management may need to select a limited number of members for each TP City Panel. All interested cities will also be invited to become part of the DUT AGORA and engage in various forms of stakeholder exchange and co-creation