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CoAction Lund

CoAction Lund - planning phase

The purpose of CoAction Lund is to mobilize a large number of actors to work together to achieve a large-scale change process. We want to take joint responsibility, test and spread our results to others. Overall goal: - A climate neutral Lund by 2030 - Increased collaboration and cooperation to reach solutions that can only be achieved together. - Achieve the "third target" in the geographical area (third target = 1/3 cycling & walking, 1/3 car traffic, 1/3 public transport) - Open, flexible, digital and robust energy systems.

With CoAction Lund, Lund Municipality will achieve a society that is equal, equitable and climate neutral by 2030. Emissions from the transport sector have been reduced by 90% and a maximum of one third of transportation is by car. Electricity has been released for vehicles through flexible energy use, local production and storage, and a local internetized energy system. Digital sharing and marketplace creation lead to an inclusive digital participation culture. In the planning phase there are 8 objectives (see below) with the effect that we will be ready to implement the upcoming practice phase.

CoAction Lund is organized through a "Hub" for collaboration and process management, "Mobility" for the creation and implementation of mobility measures and "Energy" for the creation and implementation of energy measures. In the planning phase, the approach is to work with the project's theory of change, further develop the system demonstrator steps and achieve the eight project goals: - The future organization - Presentation of the current situation - Method and process in the hub - Portfolio of measures - Plan for learning and change - A plan for digitization within CoAction Lund - Summary.

This initiative is part of Viable Cities and Vinnova's call #12 System demonstrators for climate neutral cities, planning phase

Coordinator: Lund Municipality - Lund Municipality Municipality Office

Grant requested: SEK 1 000 000

Start date: October 2023 

End date: June 2024

Type of action: planning phase system demonstrator

System demonstrator in Lund - design phase

Lund aims to be a climate-neutral and fossil fuel-free municipality by 2030, with a 90% reduction in emissions from transportation. To reach the goals and at the same time be an attractive city, the rate of emission reduction needs to be increased significantly. In this project, Lund wants to develop a plan for a system demonstrator focusing on a climate-neutral mobility and energy system. The purpose and goal of the design phase is to build on the analyses and processes developed in Lund's innovation portfolio, as well as in the project Climate Neutral Lund 2030 Step 1.

This initiative is part of Viable Cities and Vinnova's call #11 System demonstrators for climate neutral cities, design phase..

Coordinator: Lund Municipality - Lund Municipality Municipality Office

Start date: 2022-08

End date: 2023-02

Type of action: design phase system demonstrator

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