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Value creation with open data from the ectogrid™ energy system

Based on the innovative cross-border energy system ectogrid™ and the demonstration project Medicon Village, the project aims to create conditions for external actors, such as companies, associations, research and public activities, to benefit from the data generated by the system. In this way, digitalization and citizen involvement can contribute to increased energy system optimization, for example by balancing energy types and loads.

This is achieved by

  • Create technical conditions to make ectogrid™ data available;
  • Define how values can be created by external actors based on ectogrid™ data;
  • Develop a data sharing model that is generically applicable to future ectogrid™ systems.

Expected effects are that data sharing will help to further strengthen the efficiency, sustainability and scalability, both nationally and internationally, of the ecosystem built on the basis of ectogrid™.


  • Project manager: Lars Bierlein, E.ON Energilösningar AB
  • Partners: E.ON Energy Solutions, Medicon Village Science Park, Lund Municipality, Lund University of Technology.
  • Total budget: SEK 9 790 000
  • Grant applied for: SEK 4 659 600
  • Start date: 2018-09-01 
  • End date: 2020-09-01
  • Type of action: innovation
  • Keywords: data sharing, open innovation, ectogrid™, digitalized energy solution, system integration.