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Accelerating the transition through climate benefit analysis of investments

The climate transition depends on investments. The preliminary study will identify methods for analyzing and using climate benefit analyses in investment decisions. It will also find ways to integrate such methods into Lund's climate investment plan, make the municipal greenhouse gas budget a guide for investments and link this to regular decision-making processes. The experiences will be transferred to the business community, to influence their climate investments and the actors who finance these investments.

The purpose is to introduce methods in the municipality's regular decision-making processes that clarify climate-related benefits in a way that guides investment decisions, and to contribute to private sector actors, who are responsible for the majority of climate-related investments in the city, eventually starting to use similar methods in their decision-making processes.

The initiative is part of the Viable Cities call #13.


  • Stakeholders: Kraftringen Energi AB (publ) and Lund municipality
  • Amount requested: Approximately SEK 1 million
  • Total cost: Around 2 million SEK