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9 Swedish organizations finalists in the Climate Smart Cities Challenge

From nearly 200 entrants, 45 innovative companies from around the world have now been selected to tackle climate challenges in four cities. All entries were reviewed by experts, representatives from the four cities and Climate Smart Cities Challenge partners, including Viable Cities and UN-Habitat. Nine of the finalists are from Sweden.

A new phase of the Climate Smart Cities Challenge, an initiative by Viable Cities, UN-habitat and a number of Swedish and international partners, is now starting. The 45 finalists will now form teams to help solve cities' climate challenges, such as climate-smart freight transport and affordable and sustainable housing. The four cities are Bogotá, Bristol, Curitiba and Makindye Ssabagabo.

Vinnova is one of many Swedish partners in the initiative.

 - "Cities and communities are central to achieving the necessary climate transition, which is why initiatives such as the Climate Smart Cities Challenge are important to contribute to climate neutrality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the help of innovative solutions," says Darja Isaksson, Director General of Vinnova.

In the spring, the finalists will form four teams, one for each city, and work with the cities' stakeholders to adapt possible solutions to the city's specific conditions. In June this year, at the World Urban Forum in Poland, it will be announced which of the 45 finalists will eventually join the teams.

The next phase of the competition is to prepare for the demonstration of the solutions in cities in 2023. The teams will share up to €400,000 to do this. The aim is that the solutions can then help create climate-neutral and sustainable cities around the world.

- "We are excited to move on to the next stage of the challenge and continue to demonstrate our commitment to addressing our twin challenges - the housing crisis and the climate crisis. We look forward to working with the finalists to develop innovative solutions for quality housing while achieving zero emissions in the construction process as soon as possible," said Tom Renhard, Bristol City Council.

The four teams of the Climate Smart Cities Challenge will work with cities, investors and other partners to concretely demonstrate new pathways and opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while contributing to nature restoration, social equity, health, safety, employment and other societal benefits.

Viable Cities works for the climate transition in Swedish cities, but its international involvement is growing.

- Climate change knows no national borders, and we need to share our experiences and learn from others at an increasing pace to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. The Climate Smart Cities Challenge is testing new ways of working at a whole new level and we will benefit greatly from the experiences from the initiative in the development of Viable Cities", says Olle Armstrand Dierks, Viable Cities.

Press release 2022-01-20


Bogotá, Colombia

Challenge: Develop climate-smart freight transport with drastically reduced emissions and air pollution. 

  • ZaiNar, USA

  • Beemetrix, France

  • Scipopulis Desenvolvimento e Análise de Dados, Brazil

  • ClearRoad, USA

  • Wiiglo, Brazil

  • Greater Than / FIA Smart Driving Challenge, Sweden

  • RUNWITHIT Synthetics, Canada

  • SingulaCity, United Kingdom

  • DecisionBrain, France

Makindye Ssabagabo, Uganda

Challenge: Developing climate-neutral, energy-efficient and affordable homes 

  • Eco Brixs, United Kingdom

  • Endelevo, Brazil

  • KasanaShare, Uganda

  • Urban Planning Constellation, USA

  • Marula Proteen, Uganda

  • Impact Building Solutions, Uganda

  • Stockholm Water Technology, Sweden

  • Impulses, Sweden

  • Sustainability Concepts, Sweden

  • CLC Global-USA, USA

  • Reall, United Kingdom

  • Smart Havens Africa, Uganda

Bristol, United Kingdom

Challenge: Develop a new model for low-cost, climate-neutral housing.

  • Greencore Construction, United Kingdom

  • Bioregional Hill, United Kingdom

  • We Can Make, United Kingdom

  • Igloo Regeneration, United Kingdom

  • Edaroth Limited, United Kingdom

  • Changebuilding, United Kingdom

  • Parametric Solutions, Sweden

  • Brighter Places, United Kingdom

  • Nodono Technology, Sweden

  • Microgrid Foundry, United Kingdom

  • Ilke Homes, United Kingdom

  • Innerspace Homes Group, United Kingdom

  • Bristol Community Land Trust, United Kingdom

  • Ecoclime Group, Sweden

  • PyTerra, United Kingdom

Curitiba, Brazil

Challenge: Develop new solutions to create climate-neutral neighborhoods.

  • Green Bricks, Chile

  • Ambiente Livre, Brazil

  • Smart Green Station, Sweden

  • All, Sweden

  • Agentes do Meio Ambiente, Brazil

  • Vacuum Gravity Energy, Ukraine

  • Nudgd, Sweden

  • Marula Proteen, Netherlands

  • SunEmison Solar Energy, India

All partners:

Viable Cities, United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), Teknikföretagen, Vinnova, Energimyndigheten, Office of the Mayor of Bogotá, Secretaries of Mobility and Environment, Bristol City Council & Bristol Housing Festival, IPPUC - Urban Planning and research Institute of Curitiba & Curitiba City Hall, Makindye Ssabagabo Municipal Council, ABB, Business Sweden, Ignite Sweden, Mission Innovation, Nesta Challenges, NIR, Scania, Sveriges Allmänna Utrikeshandelsförening (SAU), Svensk Exportkredit (SEK), Smart City Sweden, Tillväxtverket, Svenska Institutet, and the Swedish Secretariat for Expo 2020 Dubai.

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