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Here is the list of all 377 cities that applied for the EU's 100 climate-neutral cities.

The European Commission has now published a list of all European cities that want to participate in the mission 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. From Sweden, 13 cities have applied, all of which are part of the Viable Cities initiative Climate Neutral Cities 2030.

377 cities submitted applications and after a first screening, 362 cities have been found to meet the application criteria. These have now moved on to an evaluation phase which is already underway. The evaluation is scheduled to be completed in April, when it will be announced which cities will be invited to participate in the EU Cities Mission.

With this publication, the European Commission aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and networking.

The list includes those who applied and are eligible to apply and who have agreed to the publication of the city's name.

The list of the 377 cities