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Climate Breakfast 30: Public mobility for climate-neutral cities

Cities cover 3% of the Earth's land surface, but account for more than 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the emissions in cities come from the transportation of people and goods, making mobility a key issue in the transition to climate-neutral cities.

  • How can future mobility be designed to transition to climate neutrality?
  • What can sustainable climate-neutral mobility and accessibility look like in practice?
  • What is collective mobility and micromobility and what role do they play in the transition?
  • How do Linköping and Järfälla work with mobility and transport as part of their climate transition work? 

During Climate Breakfast 30 we will explore these issues, experiences and ways forward!

The Climate Breakfast is hosted by:

  • John Hultén, Director of K2 (Sweden's national center for research and education on public transport).
  • Ida Bohman, Environmental Strategist at Järfälla Municipality
  • Sandra Viktor, Project Manager Climate Neutral Linköping 2030