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Climate Investment Plan Uppsala

Uppsala has targets for climate neutrality by 2030 and climate positivity by 2050. At the same time, Uppsala is one of Europe's fastest growing cities. This requires that the investments required for Uppsala's development and transition are kept within the limits of the planet.

Climate change and finance are currently managed mainly in isolation, and municipal financial processes do not always align with climate targets. Integration of climate and financial governance is needed to effectively steer towards net zero.

To meet this need, the feasibility study will develop green financial management where climate investments are linked to financial processes within the municipality. In addition, the costs and savings of climate measures are concretized. Through a benefit analysis, the feasibility study contributes to promoting climate measures that maximize other sustainability benefits and to broad ownership of the transition.

The initiative is part of the Viable Cities call #13.


  • Actors: Uppsala municipality
  • Amount requested: Approximately SEK 1.2 million
  • Total cost: Approximately SEK 2.4 million.