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Sustainable urban lifestyles

through nudging and citizen participation

This initiative develops knowledge that is of strategic importance for the transition to an efficient energy system by addressing how urban planning can promote sustainable urban lifestyles. The focus is on two governance strategies: nudging and citizen participation. 

Citizen participation is based on active citizen engagement while nudging directly targets behavior through small changes in the (physical or virtual) environment. The approaches are often seen as incompatible, but deeper analysis of their scientific and ethical basis and practice is lacking. Thus, it is unclear in which ways they are complementary or contradictory. As a result, policy makers, planners and citizens lack a basis for assessing the opportunities and limitations of both governance approaches. 

Through the collaboration of researchers, entrepreneurs and officials, this project therefore develops practical and scientific knowledge on citizen participation and nudging as strategies to promote sustainable urban lifestyles.


  • Project leader: Sofie Joosse, SLU
  • Partners: Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Uppsala Kommun, Malmö Stad, WSP Sverige AB, LINK Arkitektur AB, Urban Minds, Lindroos Arkitekter, Fastighetsägareförening Sofielund, Rosendal Fastigheter
  • Total budget: SEK 5 970 000
  • Grant requested: SEK 4 470 000
  • Start date: 2018-09-01 
  • End date: 2021-08-31
  • Type of action: research
  • Keywords: citizen participation, nudging, sustainable urban lifestyles, consumption, governance