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Enabling City Transformation

NetZeroCities' Enabling City Transformation call invites Mission Cities to propose innovative actions to address systemic challenges they face in climate transformation. The program, which runs for eighteen months, aims to foster large-scale, city-wide transformation, building on and moving beyond the Pilot Cities program, and creating practical, replicable solutions that support sustainable urban development and climate neutrality in European cities

Feasibility studies and research projects in social intervention areas

By funding feasibility studies, Metals & Minerals wants to take stock of ideas in some of the program's social action areas and at the same time contribute to the development of a decision-making basis for future research and development projects. The ideas that form the basis of the feasibility studies are expected to have the potential to engage a wide range of stakeholders in new or expanded partnerships.

Increasing resource efficiency and resilience

Net Zero Industry wants to create conditions for the efficient use of material resources by funding innovation projects with high news value. The transition to a resource-efficient, circular and long-term sustainable use of resources requires both improvements to existing solutions and the development of innovative solutions. It also requires a systems perspective and consideration of the entire life cycle.

Collaboration for Sustainable Water

The call is part of the Water Wise Societies programme and is aimed at actors from different sectors, industries and organizations that want to collaborate to achieve a systemic change for sustainable water management - for people, society, business and the environment. The call finances feasibility studies and will result in proposals for continuation projects for future initiatives within the programme.

Feasibility studies in technical fields of intervention

By funding feasibility studies, Metals & Minerals wants to take stock of ideas within the program's technical priority areas and at the same time contribute to the production of decision-making data for future research and development. The call constitutes an initial investment in Metals & Minerals and is open to applications for feasibility studies that address one or more of the program's technical priority areas.

Climate-neutral and socially sustainable municipalities in 2024

Formas is looking for projects that take on a challenge that aims to integrate work on climate neutrality and social sustainability to accelerate the transition in a municipality or region. The call is relevant for actors working towards the mission of climate-neutral and sustainable cities by 2030, as in Viable Cities. Initiatives funded under the call can become part of the portfolio for the transition in a city.