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Energy positive neighborhoods

Call #5
Closed September 24, 2020
Funding announced approximately 6 million SEK.

Do you want to help create energy-positive districts and thus climate-neutral cities? You can now apply for support in a pilot call within the European collaboration Positive Energy Districts (PED). The budget for the call is approximately SEK 6 million for actors operating in Sweden who can contribute to European innovation and demonstration projects in the areas of the call.  

Who is the call aimed at?

The call is aimed at business, research institutes, academia, public actors and civil society organizations. The project consortium must consist of at least three independent actors from at least two of the above stakeholder groups. Projects should include transnational cooperation and clearly demonstrate the added value of the cooperation. Each project proposal must consist of a project consortium of at least two eligible applicants from at least two participating countries.

The call welcomes proposals for projects that are based on a holistic perspective on the city and that use digitalization and citizen engagement to accelerate the transition to energy-positive neighbourhoods and climate-neutral cities. Both digitalization and citizen engagement will be used in the project as enablers and drivers to accelerate the transition.

Focus & thematic areas

The call offers the possibility of funding two types of projects: innovation projects and demonstration projects.

The innovation projects will develop new solutions that contribute concretely to accelerating the transition to energy-positive neighborhoods. These solutions can be, for example, products (goods and services), processes, methods, models (business models), policies or plans.

The demonstration projects will enable the scaling up and replication of already developed solutions.

The work needs to be based on a holistic approach to sustainable urban development, preferably linked to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The call is intended for project applications at the intersection of the Viable Cities focus areas and thematic areas. The projects must relate to at least two of the following four focus areas:

  • Lifestyle and consumption
  • Planning and the built environment
  • Mobility and accessibility
  • Integrated infrastructure

and at least one of the five thematic areas:

  • Test beds and Living Labs
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Financing and business models
  • Governance
  • Intelligence, cybersecurity and ethics

Important dates

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Read the call text

Read the call text

More detailed information on the thematic areas can be found in the full call text.

How to apply

The call is a one-stage application, i.e. a full application must be submitted to the PED Program Secretariat. The consortium leader of each European consortium coordinates that each transnational project submits a full application. The application should be written in English.

The full application must be submitted no later than 12:00 on 24 September 2020. The project applications will be assessed by an international review panel based on the assessment criteria described in the European call text.

Support for applicants

On May 14, an information meeting was arranged with, among others, JPI Urban Europe, which runs the call at EU level. The entire project was presented.

On May 15, an information meeting was held on what applies to Swedish actors. Participants included Olga Kordas, Viable Cities Program Manager; Johannes Bockstefl, Program Manager, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency; Patrik Rydén, Viable Cities Collaboration Strategist and Emina Pasic, Viable Cities Program Manager, Swedish Energy Agency.

For consortia preparing an application, the Agency offered consultation sessions and matchmaking as far as possible.

Contact us

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us:

Patrik Rydén,

Emina Pasic, Energy Agency contact person,

Viable Cities Call #5: Energy positive districts is a transnational call within the European cooperation Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods (PED) where actors from different EU countries are invited to apply for funding. The cooperation and the call is run at EU level by the PED Program (SET Plan 3.2 - Smart Cities and Communities) and JPI Urban Europe, an initiative that promotes cross-border coordination of research and innovation for urban development.