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The initiative will bring together a consortium of the actors who build the city, live in it, manage it and deliver the services and technologies that citizens need. The group is working to identify key areas and core issues; 

  • Who are the players providing the local loop of the future? 
  • Who delivers what to whom, in an increasingly heterogeneous system of systems? 
  • What types of services are in demand and what are the business models? 
  • In which areas is more knowledge and development needed to ensure that people and things are connected to the internet and related services? 

The goal is to write a progress report and an application for an implementation project with a larger group of actors, and in a hybrid format that is usually called Think/Do tank; a recurring "think tank" with a larger group and in between smaller investigative actions that are of an environmental monitoring and experimental nature. This both contributes to conversations, gathers knowledge and can grow into concrete designs that in the short term are easily led back to a larger "think tank" in the next iteration.


  • Project manager: Alex Jonsson, Viable Cities
  • Partners: KTH, RISE, IVL, Ericsson, Telenor, S:t Erik Kommunikation (City of Stockholm), Klipsk AB (RealEstateCore), Management Doctors AB.
  • Total budget: 1 102 015 SEK
  • Grant applied for: SEK 925 325
  • Start date: 2018-11-15 
  • End date: 2019-05-17
  • Type of action: research
  • Keywords: access networks, smart cities, connectivity, internet of things, security, public
    networks, services, business models.