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Local renewable energy solution in Röstånga - measures and steps for more efficient use of building space and energy use.

How can civil society, private business, municipal owned grid company and academia work together to create a resilient and sustainable energy system for the whole of Röstånga by 2030 facilitated by the newly built area R:ekobyn? 

The preliminary study responds to the need to compile knowledge and decision-making data on energy system solutions to be integrated into the design of the residential environment R:ekobyn with 30 households. Questions about the interaction and value creation of R:ekobyn towards the surrounding community are behind the goal of Röstånga becoming an energy-wise completely renewable "plus energy town". With a system perspective, the local energy system is designed flexibly for the benefit of the surrounding electricity grid, and it is of great importance to match variable renewable electricity production with power requirements and storage. 

The evaluation of fit-for-purpose solutions requires a socio-technical approach and the ability to bring together societal actors, promote civic dialogue and engagement. This is done through customized digital platforms that gather citizens' opinions and values. Successes and results are disseminated, attract international interest, and enable replicability adapted to local conditions. How civil society, private business, municipally owned grid company and academia can work together to create a resilient and sustainable energy system for the whole of Röstånga by 2030.


  • Project manager: Christian Stenqvist, Röstånga Tillsammans
  • Partners: Röstånga Tillsammans, Röstånga Ekoby ekon för, Lund University of Technology, Kraftringen, FOJAB Arkitekter, EvalPart AB.
  • Total budget: 654 500 SEK
  • Grant applied for: SEK 302 500
  • Start date: 2018-06-04 
  • End date: 28 February 2019
  • Type of action: feasibility study
  • Keywords: Röstånga eco-village, 100% renewable, local energy system solution, citizen dialogue, net benefit