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Mobilizing for a faster climate transition

Gothenburg is an engine of growth and a driving force for development in the Gothenburg region, but a broader regional perspective is needed to increase the pace and strength of the climate transition. The city is dependent on the surrounding municipalities in order to take full advantage of the city's capacity and the developments taking place in climate and sustainability work. There is an untapped potential within and between the Gothenburg region's public stakeholders to step up and coordinate efforts to strengthen the capacity of the surrounding municipalities' transition work.

This feasibility study will examine the conditions that exist and the mobilization required for the municipalities' journey towards climate neutrality. The results of the study will highlight the needs and conditions for a regional transition support and provide proposals for strategic choices, both in terms of organization and focus of the support.

The initiative is part of the Viable Cities call #13.


  • Actors: University of Gothenburg (Urban Futures), Göteborgsregionens Kommunalförbund and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB.
  • Amount requested: Approximately SEK 1 million
  • Total cost: Approximately SEK 2.1 million