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- Mobility and housing as a single service

The Mo-Bo initiative takes a holistic approach to Mobility and Housing to increase resource efficiency in urban development. Investments can be made smarter through sharing services, digitalization and new thinking about the form, operation and use of buildings. 

Mobility and housing are currently handled as two separate issues; the project group wants to combine these aspects to take an integrated approach that frees up space, saves resources and creates great value. A new architecture and living environment becomes possible. The previous phase of Mo-Bo has looked at new production, where a new building design for mobility services has been developed into construction-ready drawings. 

This phase broadens the focus to area level and existing housing stock for greater scalability. The test bed is the Rissne area in Sundbyberg. To realize the full potential of the solution, the project will address the entire chain from municipal policy to residents' experiences and everyday life to pave the way for a broader system change.

This initiative is a continuation of the project Mo-Bo - Architecture for Sustainable Mobility.


  • Project leader: Magnus Björkman, Theory Into Practice
  • Partners: Theory Into Practice (TIP), KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sundbyberg Municipality, Fastighets AB Förvaltaren, Trivector, Point AB.
  • Total budget: 16 363 823 SEK
    Grant applied for: 3 963 923 SEK
  • Start date: 2019-12-02 
  • End date: 2022-10-31
  • Type of action: demonstration
  • Keywords: sustainable mobility, sharing economy, servitization, innovative architecture.

More about the project


Video from Viable Cities.


Sustainability 2021, 13(2), 474: Housing Design and Mobility Convenience-The Case of Sweden, Ulrika Gunnarsson-Östling, KTH.

Report from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Theory in Practice contributes with material from MoBo.


Debate article "A better world beyond the parking norm" SvD debate 2020-05-31.

Debate article, "Med färre p-platser kan vi lösa bostadskrisen", Aftonbladet, based on knowledge from MoBo, 2020-10-06


Magnus Björkman presented at the Trivector early summer seminar "What if?", 2020-05-14.

Magnus Björkman presented at the conference "Mobility and behavior", 2020-03-17

Magnus Björkman presented at HBV's conference "Hållbara dagar" in Stockholm, 2020-03-09.

2020-02-19 Lisa Nilsson, student at Uppsala University, has written the report Is there a new sustainable mobility? - An exploratory case study on the change potential of the innovation project Mo-Bo III. In the report, Lisa follows the development of Mo-Bo III, and summarizes: "Thus, I conclude that the vision and project strategy underlying Mo-Bo's third project initiative has the potential to create a disruptive change in the passenger transport system in large cities in the longer term. But it requires good local public transport conditions, municipal political support, good collaboration and communication."