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Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative

Viable Cities collaborates with the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative to drive knowledge exchange between climate-neutral cities in Sweden and the United States.

Sharing and development of innovative tools and system demonstrators

Viable Cities and The Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative will collaborate with Swedish, European and American actors to promote knowledge transfer for climate neutrality and showcase solutions through system demonstrators and system pilots.

Working together will accelerate the transition to climate-neutral cities in the US. With the goal of promoting climate-neutral cities, the partnership will establish knowledge-sharing mechanisms and system demonstrators between Swedish, European and US urban stakeholders. Viable Cities and the Green Transition Initiative will showcase Swedish investment models and methods for collaboration between different stakeholders, based on climate-neutral pathways led by Sweden's Climate City Contract.

The project aims to secure strong collaborations with great potential for knowledge exchange in climate-neutral cities between Sweden and the US in 2024. The Viable Cities and Green Transition Initiative partnership will implement its first initiative in 2024, with the potential to continue into 2025. In addition to the leading organizations, the partnership will be supported by other Swedish actors in climate, innovation and policy.

Bifrost 2024

Viable Cities, in collaboration with the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative, are also partners in Bifrost '24. The Bifrost '24 Summit is a week-long meeting of big thinkers from the Nordic region and Silicon Valley, who come together to address the pressing environmental challenges of our time.