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Civic engagement

Citizen engagement is an effective tool in the transition, while strengthening the equity aspects of local climate action. Various forms of civic engagement are gaining attention to involve and engage citizens in the climate transition.


Investing in citizens

15 initiatives across Sweden have been granted funding by Viable Cities to explore how citizen engagement, climate investments and regional collaboration can contribute to reducing emissions. Four of these pre-study explores new approaches to citizen engagement and participation that can help accelerate the climate transition.

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Initiatives from different quarters

Citizen engagement and participation is about including and allowing citizens to be an active part of the city's work. Working with citizens also raises issues of accessibility, ethics and socially responsible development. Initiatives can come from several directions; cities, citizens, companies or organisations. In the knowledge bank, we have collected examples of what individuals can do to reduce their own climate footprint, what cities can do to create conditions, how collaboration can take place, research and much more.

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Is your lifestyle on the side of the environment or against it? As a result of this quick test, you will receive tailor-made tips to help you save time and money and improve your quality of life. And nature thanks you!

WWF - Together we change

A learning and activation material specifically designed for those who lead, coordinate or promote sustainable development in a municipality, school or company. It consists of four films, a set of questions and tips. The aim is to promote dialog and facilitate action in the...

A research study has identified the four lifestyle choices that are most effective in reducing a person's carbon footprint: eating a plant-based diet, avoiding air travel, living without a car and having fewer children.

Latest news

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How do we create meaningful dialogue in a polarized era?
22 November 2023

When the state agency official opened the question and answer session, the atmosphere became aggressive and hostile. He had just moderated a panel discussion between representatives of political parties on the topic of norm shifts and racism. People in the audience hurled accusations of bias and surreptitious activism at the moderator....

Civic engagement
17 April 2023

This spring, Viable Cities and Digidem Lab are entering a deeper collaboration on citizen engagement. Pierre Mesure has for 5 years supported municipalities to involve citizens in decision-making, with a focus on the underrepresented in our institutions.

Evolving dialogue on climate change in Götepod
17 October 2022

In all 23 cities that are part of the Viable Cities program Climate Neutral Cities 2030, intensive work on citizen engagement is underway, experimenting with different forms.In Gothenburg, Götepod has been running for over a year, where city architect Björn Siesjö talks with guests...