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Evolving dialogue on climate change in Götepod

In all 23 cities that are part of Viable Cities' Climate Neutral Cities 2030 program, intensive work is underway with citizen engagement where they experiment with different forms.

For more than a year now, Gothenburg has hosted Götepod, where city architect Björn Siesjö talks to guests about Gothenburg's urban development from different perspectives. In episode 18, he was visited by Karin Bjerner, Development Manager at the Environmental Administration, City of Gothenburg and Viable Cities Learning Strategist Lena Holmberg.

It was an interesting conversation that moved from the global to the local and everything from technical issues to citizen involvement and what the good life in Gothenburg can be when we have transitioned.

Karin Bjerner, Development Manager at the City of Gothenburg's Environmental Administration

It's fun to be invited to a lively conversation with both breadth and depth, in a format that is a fine example of the power of dialogue.

Lena Holmberg, Learning Strategist at Viable Cities

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