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Last week, Lund was also visited by Patrick Child from the European Commission! Patrick Child is responsible for Mission Cities, an initiative where a hundred cities in Europe will become climate neutral by 2030. In the interview, Patrick says that the most interesting thing from the visit to the city is Lund's mobilization around the climate neutrality agenda, where the authority works together with citizens and companies and explores different governance models for the mission climate neutral cities 2030.

Patrick Child also mentions Viable Cities as a national program in the interview:

- The model that we are developing for climate-neutral cities at the European level is very much inspired by the national program in Sweden under the Viable Cities initiative. Lund and the other cities are part of the national network, which puts them in a strong position to contribute to our program at the European level.

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Participants included representatives from Lund Municipality, the City of Malmö, the City of Helsingborg, Future by Lund, Lund University, Kraftringen and LFM30 together with the EU's Patrick Child and Rasa Catillon, as well as Viable Cities.