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Climate breakfast 27: Transformative essays

How can students accelerate the transition to Climate Neutral Cities 2030? What measures are needed to support municipal work?

At Klimatfrukost number 27, you will meet Karolina Gahne from STUNS in Uppsala who has been working for several years to develop the collaboration concept Stories, a concept where students within the framework of their studies solve companies and municipalities' current sustainability challenges. You will also meet Natalie Varady from Helsingborg, who is a mobility coordinator in Lomma municipality and who has written a master's thesis in Applied Climate Strategy at the Center for Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University. Guest number 3 is Therése Fahlgren, former student at KTH and now environmental and sustainability consultant at WSP, who in her thesis made a case study of Viable Cities as an "intermediary" in the development of climate governance capacity in cities.