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New research anthology on innovation and urban development

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A new research anthology on innovation and urban development with support from Mistra Urban Futures, RISE and Vinnova. The editors of the anthology are researchers Jessica Algehed, Erica Eneqvist, Christian Jensen and Jenny Lööf. The book is based on innovation processes linked to municipalities' urban development assignments.

Our cities and municipalities are working hard in a time of complexity and change. Innovation is often highlighted as the way forward to achieve sustainable urban development, but there are more nuances and other sides to this concept. There is an ongoing problematic discussion in academic literature, but it is less visible in the rest of society.

A newly launched anthology deepens and problematizes the discussion on innovation in cities, with a specific focus on Swedish conditions. The book provides an overview of part of the research field on topics related to innovation processes in connection with municipalities' urban development tasks. In the book's fifteen chapters, researchers describe and discuss, among other things, new roles and challenges for the municipality and its officials, project identification, measurability and value issues, collaboration, learning, leadership issues and conflict management. The book is aimed at people who work with development issues in municipalities, such as urban planners or strategists, but also politicians and officials working in other areas of public organisations.