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Viable Cities move up the list of sustainability champions

Today, Aktuell hållbarhet released the list of Sweden's 100 most powerful sustainability influencers. Viable Cities is climbing upwards. Programme Director Olga Kordas is now in 18th place (38th last year) and our Deputy Director of Chairman Anders Wijkman is ranked 8th (18th).

Since 2009, the list of Sweden's 101 most powerful people in sustainability ranks the people who have achieved the most sustainability benefits in relation to their real position of power, according to the magazine Aktuell hållbarhet. The list has been produced by the magazine's readers who nominated and then voted, as well as a jury that also ranked this year's, last year's and their own nominees.

Olga Kordas and Anders Wijkman

So fun that we climb the list. We are really in a phase where we feel that the climate transition is accelerating, before the end of the year we will mobilize together with even more cities in Sweden. Europe and globally.

- Olga Kordas, Program Manager Viable Cities

Topping the list is Herman Afzelius, Chairman PFAS Association, followed by Professor Johan Rockström, Potsdam Institute. From collaboration within the Climate City Contract In 2030, there will be Johan L Kuylenstierna, Director General of Formas, and Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Chair of the Municipal Executive Board of the City of Malmö. Among Viable Cities' members is RagnSells' CEO Pär Larshans. 

About the list

The jury's vote has been decisive, and the magazine's ambition is to create a broad list that specifically highlights efforts during the past year. The jury members have not been allowed to vote for people with whom they have close connections. Members of this year's jury are: Ylva Bergman, Editor-in-Chief, Aktuell Hållbarhet Pernilla Strid, journalist, Aktuell Hållbarhet, David Khabbazi, CEO, The Social Few Linda Gustafsson, Gender Equality Strategist, Umeå Municipality, Lars Mårtensson, Head of Environment and Innovation, Volvo Trucks, Annie Sebelius, Sustainability and Communications Manager, Grant Thornton, Fredrik Rosenholm, Sustainability Manager Götessons Design Group and Mahmood Ibrahim, Head of Social Sustainability, Brunswick Real Estate.