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SnabbSam Stockholm

Viable Cities System Demonstrator
The City of Stockholm and its partners will work for a comprehensive transition of travel habits, land use and vehicle fleet in Stockholm's inner city. This is a step towards an emission-free inner city and a climate-positive Stockholm in 2030. In the system demonstrator, the environmental zone planned in central Stockholm will be used both as an engine and a window of opportunity in the quest for a transport-efficient and emission-free transport system that eventually extends far beyond the boundaries of the zone.

CoAction Lund

Viable Cities System Demonstrator
In one of Sweden's most densely populated areas with heavy traffic, Lund, together with a number of stakeholders, will create a mobility system with reduced emissions while maintaining accessibility. The mobility system will also be linked to a local climate-neutral energy system in the area where energy is produced and shared between the properties.

Local Power in Malmö

Viable Cities System Demonstrator
Lokal Kraft aims to drive climate change together with e.g. property owners, associations and Malmö residents, based on geographical parts of the city of Malmö. The goal is to develop partnerships and working methods to maximize the climate effect of local development work, which will build on previous experiences of local development work. The starting point is the densification of Rosengård, but other urban areas with their own physical and socio-economic characteristics are included and provide a variety of situationally adapted solutions, which can be transferred to other areas.

System demonstrator for a climate neutral Umeå based in the new district of Tomtebo strand

Viable Cities System Demonstrator
The purpose and goal of the design phase is to explore and identify innovation capacity, solutions and policy obstacles, and to develop the existing partnership with more actors for the implementation of a long-term sustainable and climate-neutral district that promotes sustainable lifestyles, within the district and in surrounding neighborhoods. This is done within already established processes and collaboration between the municipality, municipal companies and construction actors in the work on the new district Tomtebo strand, and is supplemented with additional development capacity.

Roadmap for mobility hubs in Uppsala

Viable Cities System Demonstrator
The objective is to develop a roadmap for mobility hubs that will help create long-term, resilient yet flexible mobility solutions. The aim is to facilitate the realization of a coherent network of hubs not only at municipal level but ultimately to create a sustainable shared mobility system, contributing to a shift from private car use to a sustainable transport system based on shared mobility, public transport and active mobility.