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System demonstrator for a climate-neutral Umeå

based in the new district of Tomtebo Strand.

The purpose and goal of the design phase is to explore and identify innovation capacity, solutions and policy obstacles, and to develop the existing partnership with more actors for the implementation of a long-term sustainable and climate-neutral district that promotes sustainable lifestyles, within the district and in surrounding neighborhoods. This is done within already established processes and collaboration between the municipality, municipal companies and construction actors in the work on the new district Tomtebo strand, and is supplemented with additional development capacity.

This initiative is part of the Viable Cities call #11 System demonstrators for climate neutral cities, design phase..


  • Coordinator: Umeå Municipality - Umeå Municipality Urban Planning Office
  • Start date: 2022-06
  • End date: 2023-02
  • Type of action: design phase system demonstrator

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