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in Malmö

Lokal Kraft aims to drive climate change together with e.g. property owners, associations and Malmö residents, based on geographical parts of the city of Malmö. The goal is to develop partnerships and working methods to maximize the climate effect of local development work, which will build on previous experiences of local development work. The starting point is the densification of Rosengård, but other urban areas with their own physical and socio-economic characteristics are included and provide a variety of situationally adapted solutions, which can be transferred to other areas.

This initiative is part of the Viable Cities call #11 System demonstrators for climate neutral cities, design phase..


  • Coordinator: Malmö municipality - Malmö stad Miljöförvaltningen
  • Start date: 2022-08
  • End date: 2023-02
  • Type of action: design phase system demonstrator

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